Photo-to-Painting: Harley Davidson before & after

Below (bottom image) is a photo-to-painting that I created from a photo of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle (top image). To create this image, I simply opened the original photo in Adobe Photoshop and applied the following 3 filters from the filter gallery – watercolor, grain and rough pastels. With the application of a few filters to any image, you can create all sorts of creative, artistic effects.

Harley-Davidson before image manipulation.

Harley Davidson motorcycle after photo manipulation

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World War II Ship: U.S.S. Device – Before & After

This is a photo restoration project I recently did for a client from Orangeburg, New York (Rockland County). His Father served on this ship during World War II, so he wanted it restored before it deteriorated any more. I got rid of the tears, rips and holes, added a new textured background and formatted it as a 16×20″ print, ready for framing.

Print of World War II Ship named "Device."

Retouched image of U.S.S. Device.

Original and Retouched: Old Portrait

Original (top) and digitally-restored portrait of a woman in fur coat.

Babe Ruth Portrait – Original, Retouched & Print-Ready

Original scan of Babe Ruth’s portrait.

Here is a portrait of Babe Ruth that I digitally-restored. The original scan (above) is lacking in contrast and color. To retouch this file, I did the following: cleaned up the dust and scratches with the clone stamp; chose the cleanest color channel (from Red, Green and Blue) and discarded the others while converting to grayscale; added contrast; converted back into RGB color mode; and applied a sepia tone filter to the image.

Retouched portrait of Babe Ruth.

11×14 inch print-ready file of Babe Ruth’s Portrait.

Create a vector signature in Adobe Illustrator

These are the original signature scans. I used elements from both of them in the vector signature seen below.

To create this vector signature, I did the following:
1) scanned sheet of paper with a number of signatures on it – David selected the two he liked best.
2) imported the two chosen signatures into Adobe Illustrator
3) traced elements of the signatures with the pen tool, then merged them together
4) finally, I brought the signature into Adobe Photoshop, added a drop shadow and saved it as a jpeg.

Vector signatures are great for personalizing emails, websites and much more.


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