Below you will see a variety of restoration & preservation projects by MPR Studio Creative Solutions. We have worked our digital magic on a wide assortment of photographs, artwork and documents, including those from The Associated Press, Time LIFE, National Geographic and the National Archives of the United States.

Digital Document Restoration: “Fruit-Bearing Trees & Shrubs” – Before, After & Print-Ready

Original (top) & Retouched (bottom) Polish catalog cover “Fruit-Bearing Trees & Shrubs”

Formatted, Print-Ready file for vintage Polish catalog entitled “Fruit-Bearing Trees & Shrubs.”

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Antique Photograph Restoration: President Abraham Lincoln – Before, After & Print-Ready

Original, unretouched portrait of President Abraham Lincoln.

Digitally-restored portrait of Abraham Lincoln.

Retouched, print-ready portrait of Abe Lincoln taken at Mathew Brady’s studio.

Antique Photo Restoration: Ancestors & Vintage Automobile – Before, After & Print-Ready

Original, unretouched family photograph: Ancestors & Vintage Automobile.

Digitally-Restored family photograph: Ancestors & Vintage Automobile.

Sepia-tinted, print-ready, digitally-retouched image: Ancestors & Vintage Automobile. The final prints are 5×7 inches with white borders so they can go straight in a frame with no mat needed.

Antique Portrait Restoration & Digital Frame Re-Creation: Vintage Portrait – Before & After

Original, scanned family photograph: Vintage Portrait.

Digitally-Restored family photo: Vintage Portrait.

Digital Image Restoration: “Am I Proud” poster – Original, Retouched & Print-Ready

Original, un-retouched file of World War II poster titled “Am I Proud.” The illustration was created to encourage people to can their own, home-grown food during World War II.

Digitally-restored image file of “Am I Proud” World War II poster. This image had many fold and banding marks – they were removed. The original green background behind the woman and cans had text imprints on it – so it was replaced with a new, textured (matching illustration), green one.

Formatted, Print-Ready image of “Am I Proud” poster from World War II. A complementary custom colored & textured background was created for this print, eliminating the need for frame-matting.

Digital Photo Restoration: Sitting Bull Portrait – Original, Retouched & Print-Ready

Original, un-retouched portrait of Native American Chief Sitting Bull.

Digitally-Restored Photograph of Sitting Bull, Native American Chief.

Final, formatted, print-ready portrait of Native American Indian Chief Sitting Bull. Final image is 16×20 inches with large, custom white borders so no frame-matting is needed.

Digital Vintage Illustration Restoration: Pheasant Illustration – Original & Retouched

Before (top) & After (bottom) images of vintage Pheasant Illustration from book.

Digital Image Restoration: Tiddledy Winks Board Game – Original, Restored & Print-Ready

Original (top) & Digitally-Restored (bottom) images of Tiddledy Winks board game art.

Final, formatted-print image of Tiddledy Winks board game artwork.